Huntsville is one of the top golfing destinations in the entire state of Alabama. With 5 public golf courses to choose from in Huntsville every golf enthuaist will be able to find a course they love to play.

Best overall public course

Monrovia Golf Course

If you're looking for an affordable golfing option in Huntsville, Alabama, Monrovia Golf Course is worth considering. Built in 1959, the course offers 18 holes of play designed by Stevens. Whether you plan to tee off on the weekends or weekdays, the green fees remain the same at an affordable $11. You can start your round as early as 8:00 AM, allowing for a leisurely morning round. The course features Bermuda Grass on both the greens and fairways, and they typically aerate the greens in March, September, and December. One unique aspect of Monrovia Golf Course is that they allow fivesome golf groups. However, it's important to note that the course does not have any bunkers. Overall, if you're seeking a reasonably priced course with a no-frills atmosphere, Monrovia Golf Course could be a great choice for your next golfing adventure.

Course details

Phone Number: (256) 837-9469
Address: 7130b Hwy 72 W Huntsville, Alabama 35806
Season Duration: Open all year


Does Monrovia Golf Course provide golfers with the ability to reserve a tee time online?
No, Monrovia Golf Course does not have the ability accept tee time reservations through its website. In order to book a tee time please call their pro shop at (256) 837-9469.
How many games of golf were played at Monrovia Golf Course over the last year?
Monrovia Golf Course hosts around 18385 games of golf every year.
Does Monrovia Golf Course allow golfers to wear metal spikes?
Yes, Monrovia Golf Course allows metal spikes to be used on the golf course.
What are the maximum number of people allowed in a golf group at Monrovia Golf Course?
Lakeside Golf & Country Club permits groups of to 5 to play on its course.
Best on a budget

Sunset Landing Golf Course

Sunset Landing Golf Course in Huntsville, Alabama is a course that has been around since 1968 and was designed by the renowned Bob E. & Robert L. Baldock. With a reasonable weekend price of 20 dollars and a weekday rate of 16 dollars, it offers golfers an accessible option to play. Early morning tee times can be booked as early as 7:30 AM, allowing for a full day of golfing enjoyment. This 18-hole course with a par of 72 is open all year round, catering to golf enthusiasts throughout the seasons. The course boasts Bent Grass greens and Bermuda Grass fairways, ensuring a challenging yet enjoyable playing experience. Keep in mind that the greens are typically aerated in March and September, so plan accordingly if you have a preference. Additionally, if you typically golf in a fivesome group, note that they are not allowed here. Furthermore, Sunset Landing Golf Course features between 21-30 bunkers, adding some challenging hazards to the game. Overall, for golfers looking for an affordable, well-maintained course with a rich history, Sunset Landing Golf Course may be a great choice.

Course details

Phone Number: (256) 464-5050
Address: 346 James Record Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35824
Season Duration: Open all year
Slope: Men's 118
Usga Rating: Men's 71.9


What is the best way to contact Sunset Landing Golf Course for reserving a tee time?
You can reach out to Sunset Landing Golf Course to enquire about tee time reservations by visiting their website, or calling them at (256) 464-5050.
Approximately how many rounds of golf were played on Sunset Landing Golf Course last year?
Over the previous year, approximately 5332 golf rounds were played at Sunset Landing Golf Course.
What payment methods are accepeted at Sunset Landing Golf Course's pro shop?
Sunset Landing Golf Course's pro shop accepts major credit cards as well as cash for payment.
Are 5-some groups allowed at Sunset Landing Golf Course?
No, unfortunately Sunset Landing Golf Course does not permit groups of 5 to golf together.


What is the most upscale public golf course in Huntsville?
The most upscale public golf course in Huntsville is Waterwood National Resort & Country Club.
What is the most inexpensive public golf course in Huntsville?
The most inexpensive public course to play in Huntsville is Outlaw Gap Golf Course.
What is the easiest public golf course to play in Huntsville?
The easiest public course to play in Huntsville is Sunset Landing Golf Course.
What is the most challenging public golf course in Huntsville?
The most challenging public golf course in Huntsville is Waterwood National Resort & Country Club.
On average, how expensive is it to golf in Huntsville on the weekend?
The average price for golfing on the weekends in Huntsville is 24. This is based on pricing data from the websites of 5 public courses in Huntsville, AL.
Have any popular golf courses shut down in Huntsville, AL?
Yes, the Becky Pierce Golf Course recently closed and is no longer in operation.