17 Most Popular Public Golf Courses in Alaska

Many people are surprised to learn of Alaska’s thriving golf community. Most people assume it’s just glaciers, grizzly bears and the northern lights. Whether you are vacationing in Alaska or live there full time you should not miss the opportunity to play 18 holes under the mesmerizing midnight sun. In this article, we’ll dive into my top 17 picks, cultivated over my three visits to Alaska. From courses perfect for newcomers to those that challenge even the most seasoned pros, I’ve gathered the best public golf courses Alaska has to offer and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Anchorage Golf Course - Best Public Golf Course in Anchorage

Anchorage Golf Course, designed by Bill Newcomb and established in 1987, is an enticing 18-hole course with a par of 72, set amidst the stunning Alaskan landscape. The course is reasonably priced at $40, regardless of whether you're playing on a weekday or weekend. With an earliest tee time at 5:00 AM, the course offers ample time for golfers to enjoy their game, operating until 5:00 PM. The greens, made of Bent Grass, and the Poa Annua Grass fairways, are meticulously maintained, although aeration times can vary. Do note, the course is quite challenging, boasting 40 bunkers and a strict policy against fivesome golf groups. All in all, Anchorage Golf Course promises a memorable golfing experience for those seeking a blend of beauty and challenge.

Course details

Phone Number: (907) 522-3363
Address: 3651 O'Malley Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507
Season Duration: May 15 to Oct 1
Slope: Men's 130
Usga Rating: Men's 72.1


What is the best way to contact Anchorage Golf Course for reserving a tee time?
You can reach out to Anchorage Golf Course to enquire about tee time reservations by visiting their website, or calling them at (907) 522-3363.
Approximately how many rounds of golf were played on Anchorage Golf Course last year?
Over the previous year, approximately 44000 golf rounds were played at Anchorage Golf Course.
What payment methods are accepeted at Anchorage Golf Course's pro shop?
Anchorage Golf Course's pro shop accepts major credit cards as well as cash for payment.
Are 5-some groups allowed at Anchorage Golf Course?
No, unfortunately Anchorage Golf Course does not permit groups of 5 to golf together.


What is the most expensive public golf course in Alaska?
The most expensive public golf course in Alaska is Anchorage Golf Course.
What is the cheapest public golf course in Alaska?
The cheapest public course to play in Alaska is Russian Jack Springs Golf Course.
What is the typical golf season for Alaska?
In Alaska, the golf season is shorter, usually from late spring, in May or June, through early fall, ending around September.
What is the average weekend golf course fee for public golf courses in Alaska?
On average, weekend golf outings in Alaska costs 26