Golf Course Acreage: A Comprehensive Guide to Size and Layout

golf course acreage
Because golf courses are typically measured by “par” or “holes” many people can not wrap their heads around how much ...
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3 Interesting Traits About Municipal Golf Courses

municipal golf courses
Municipal golf courses, often referred to as “muni golf courses,” are a popular part of the golfing landscape throughout the ...
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8 Most Common Types of Grass Used on Golf Courses

golf course grass
Although it is often overlooked, the type of grass a golf course uses can have a significant impact on the ...
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5 Traits That Make Par-3 Courses Unique

par-3course arial view
Par-3 golf courses are a perfect option for golfing beginners, golfers looking to improve their short game, or golfers who ...
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The Key Differences Between Golf Course Rating and Slope

The course rating is a difficulty level used by professional players and tournaments, whereas slope is a difficulty metric recreational ...
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The 3 Primary Definitions of “Championship Golf Courses”

Championship golf courses are often admired due to their “scarcity” and “prestige.” The truth is, there is no “standard definition” ...
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What Makes Parkland Golf Courses Unique?

Parkland golf courses are known for their lush, well-manicured fairways, plenty of trees, and fast greens. Unlike links courses, which ...
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What are Semi Private Golf Courses? (& How To Play Them)

Semi private golf courses are a type of course that offers both public access to tee times and also restricted ...
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The 5 Advantages of Executive Golf Courses

An executive golf course is an alternative to traditional or championship-caliber golf courses that may actually be more suitable for ...
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