Most Popular Public Golf Courses in Tennessee

Tennessee’s golf courses are arguably as big a draw as its country music scene. When I journeyed through Nashville and Memphis last summer, I had the opportunity to explore some of the public courses the state boasts. And believe me, each one struck a chord. was among my top picks (but be warned its on the pricey side). And for those keeping an eye on the wallet, you’ll find the weekday rates, averaging around [AVG_WEEKDAY_STATE], a pleasant surprise. In this article, I’ll dive into the courses that made my golfing adventure in Tennessee truly memorable, as well as a few I’m hoping to play in the future. So, whether you fancy a backdrop of the Smoky Mountains or the distant strumming of a guitar, Tennessee has a golf experience that hits all the right notes. Not Found.


What is the most expensive public golf course in Tennessee?
The most expensive public golf course in Tennessee is .
What is the cheapest public golf course in Tennessee?
The cheapest public course to play in Tennessee is .
What is the typical golf season for Tennessee?
In Tennessee, the golf season generally spans from early spring, around April, through late autumn, ending around October.
What is the average weekend golf course fee for public golf courses in Tennessee?
On average, weekend golf outings in Tennessee costs