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Welcome to Golf Courses Nearby, the ultimate directory for both new and experienced golfers to find the perfect course to play anywhere in the United States. We are the most comprehensive source of course information for more than 10,000 golf courses across the country. Our database of golf courses encompasses public, private, resort, championship and local courses only the locals know about. 

Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or looking to try out a new course in your local area, you should check out our database. Golf Courses Nearby makes it easy to find the perfect fairway for you. We offer up-to-date data and insights, including course length, hole counts, designer details, facility services, customized difficulty ratings, club pro evaluations, pricing, and real user reviews.

How Golf Courses Nearby Help You Find The Best Golf Course For You!

Detailed Course Profiles: Get real-time, up to date data on every course in our database. Learn about the history, pricing, club rules, hazards, ideal playing  season, and much more. 

User Reviews: Read unbiased reviews from our team of former professional and collegiate golfers, who share their own opinions to help you find the perfect course based on your desired course type, ease of play, and budget

Location-Based Search: Find the closest golf courses to your location based on your state, city, or zip code. 

Advanced Filter Options: Search courses based on your playing preferences. Whether you’re looking for a par-3, 18-hole, no water hazards, or a particular designer’s course, we’ve got you covered.

Golf Tips & Course Policies: Learn about best practices when golfing from our team of pro and collegiate golfers including common course rules, standard etiquette procedures, “golf lingo”, and much more.